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Paul Fox Candy Bowl
Paul Fox Candy Bowl

Paul Fox Candy Bowl

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Paul Fox Candy Bowl.   6" Diameter,  Hand Spun polished aluminum bowl by Danny Dew, ca 1970

Transforms a quantity of confetti into candy etc. Includes a ring to accommodate a hat coil.   3 hat coils are included, along with 4 bags of confetti and most importantly, it also includes an original instruction sheet, personally typed to Rev. French with information at the top.  Also includes Danny's instructions on how to dislodge the inner lid.   Also included is the complete routine with patter from the Faucett Ross book, a great routine.  This is complete, ready to perform or put on your shelf!


CONDITION:  LN  (no damage)

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BN - Brand New in Packaging    LN - Like New (no packaging)
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