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Penumbra Issue #4 November/December 2002

Penumbra Issue #4 November/December 2002

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Magic Magazine Gordon Bean & William Goodwin

No. 4, November-December 2002  (18 pages)
2 Neo Purse Frame Routine (Shoot Ogawa): coin and purse frame routine with Jumbo coin production
11 Royal Mayo (David Solomon): two Jokers produce a Royal Flush
12 Intuition Monte (Steve Ehlers): Spectator's intuition finds a card, and then causes packet to transform to 4 of a kind
15 Pinkerton's Surprise (Roy Walton, Shannon Clark, Bill Goodwin): surprise ending for Walton's Pinkerton's Ladies from Issue 2
16 Corner Kicked Again (Ryan Matney): another look at Corner Kick from issue 2
17 Further On "The Continental Divide" (JK Hartman)
17 Room 51
17 51 Paces North (Allan Slaight): anther take



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