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Prediction Case & Table, Impossible

Prediction Case & Table, Impossible

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Any time during your performance, three different spectators call out freely selected items: numbers, names, cities, colors, etc.  All selections are made freely without the use of any forces.

 Next, calling attention to a chest that has been in their view the whole time, the chest is opened, inside the find a ?time capsule? a large clear plastic container measuring 8 inches in height and over 3 inches in diameter.  The lid is removed and an audience member removes the sealed envelope.  When the envelope is opened, all three predictions match 100% perfectly!

This is just one effect you can perform with the Prediction Case & Table.  You can do a headline prediction, nested boxes effect with a borrowed object and so much more!  Easy to Do! 
Great for Trade Shows, Stage and Parlor 

Extremely portable ? Packs small, plays big!


$420.00  Comes with Original Instructions