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Psychic Clown Fish  -  Dick Barry

Psychic Clown Fish - Dick Barry

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A little toy CLOWN FISH is produced, which you claim has psychic powers. Four E.S.P. symbol cards are placed on a table, symbol sides showing. The fish is turned around so he cannot possibly see the cards. A spectator is asked to say nothing but to simply point at one of the symbol cards. The fish is now turned back around to face the cards. You pick up each card one at a time, show it to the fish, and then place it under the fish's snout. When the spectator chosen card is placed under his snout the fish's body starts to GLOW from the flashing lights within its body. WOW! Everything can be examined!

NOTE: YOUR HANDS NEVER TOUCH THE FISH once it is placed on the table. We guarantee the audience will be totally baffled. Comes with a cute electronic CLOWN FISH, 4 E.S.P. cards (but any cards can be used, as they are not gimmicked) and that special something that makes this mental-magic a winner. You will love this CLEVER NEW METHOD. EASY TO DO! 



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