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Psycho Gravity  -  Tenyo/Japan

Psycho Gravity - Tenyo/Japan

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A mysterious object defies the law of gravity.  English Instructions can be download w/link

  1. Show the audience a thick black disk, and allow them to check that it rolls normally on the table.
  2. Write four different items onto a clear panel. While your back is turned, ask a spectator to select any one of the items by drawing a mark above it, and then to hide the mark so nobody else can see.
  3. You face front, and place the thick black disk onto the tilted clear panel.
  4. The disk begins to roll down the slope slowly, but suddenly stops at one location! Sure enough, the chosen item is located at that exact spot! You may also use this revelation to divine a selected playing card. (Provide your own deck of cards.)


CONDITION:  VF  (box has been opened, apparatus LN)

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