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Quarter-Go   -  Viking/Haenchen Magic

Quarter-Go - Viking/Haenchen Magic

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Quarter Go, Lippencott Box:  A small-padlocked chest (2x2x1 1/4")

A borrowed and marked coin (a ring may also be used) vanishes only to appear in a small padlocked box all while in full view.

A spectator marks a borrowed quarter for identification. This is placed within the folds of a handkerchief and held by spectator. Next, a small-padlocked chest (2x2x1) is shown and placed on the spectator’s open palm. A magical pass and the hank is whisked away revealing that the coin has vanished. Attention is drawn to the chest, which has been under the spectator’s control throughout. He opens the chest himself and finds the marked coin inside!

Remember: The chest is in full view before the coin vanishes. The coin found in the chest is the actual marked coin.


This comes with a set of original instructions from Morrissey (don't have Viking instructions).   Same routine & a bonus routine included.   Comes with the hanky with fake coin attached and the beautifully made hardwood box Hallmarked VH