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Rabbit Garage  -  Riedel/Swoger House of Enchantment

Rabbit Garage - Riedel/Swoger House of Enchantment

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Invented by Clint Riedel and Produced by House of Enchantment, James Swoger.  A wonderful children's effect from the 1960's.

A bunny Plaque is removed from the hat.  It is placed in the garage and is slid back and forth, as per the Die Box.  A great sucker effect where the kids guess where he is and he's not there.  Continue with the funny bit and finally both doors are opened and by golly, he's really gone!  He is found back in the hat!

Quality made and painted apparatus that you'll use this in all your kid's shows

-   VINTAGE.....Comes with the Original Instruction Sheet


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