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Rice, Orange & Checkers  -  Early Owen

Rice, Orange & Checkers - Early Owen

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The hard to find, very scarce set of tubes with the Junket stenciling.  The tall aluminum Rice Vase and approx. 2 3/4" wooden checkers.  Both stacks are gimmicked.

This set is in VG Condition and should be used and performed with.  There are some chips on the checkers and the tubes (one tube has a small ding at the top) and the Rice Vase has some use.  The Vase could be taken to a polisher and buffed like new, but if you want a working set with some wear and use, you won't find one in this price range.

NOTE PLEASE READ:  The thin wooden disc to hold the rice in the tube for production, is MISSING, but easily made, even from cardboard in a pinch.  There are NO Instructions and for some reason, I can't find my Owen set in the files, so you'll figure it out.   The orange is in the vase as the vase is filled with rice.  Rice is hidden inside the tube with the disc at the bottom and the tube that the orange is placed over, has a hollow set of checkers, held in place with your thumb with the hole in the back of the tube, as you cover the orange.

The bottom button is pushed on the Rice Vase and the rice travels around the orange into the bottom, allowing the orange to appear from the vase and the rise appears where the stack of checkers were and the tube with the orange is lifted to reveal the checkers have now taken it's place....A 3-way Transposition.    Make a copy of this since I just spent 30 minutes typing this out!