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Roval's Borrowed Bill in Walnut -  C&M Productions

Roval's Borrowed Bill in Walnut - C&M Productions

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A dollar bill is borrowed from a spectator, and the serial number is recorded on the magician’s business card and left with the spectator to hold. The bill is rolled into a “ball” by the magician, and a game is begun in which the spectator is to guess where the bill is. A dice cup is used to cover the bill, and the bill magically jumps from cup to pocket, from pocket to cup, from hand to cup, penetrates a spectator’s hand, and finally vanishes in a flash of flame! When the cup is lifted, the bill is back under the cup but is several times larger. When it is opened out, a walnut is found inside. The walnut is cracked open, and the borrowed bill is found within!

This is a nice Chop Cup, looks like an ordinary Dice Cup.  We'll include a set of 1" Chop Balls in white.  This is complete in the box but no instr.

-  NOTE:  Lacks Instructions