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Singing Bird Cage Production  -  Dick Barry

Singing Bird Cage Production - Dick Barry

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The Magician shows the audience a small and very thin magic carpet. Both hands are shown empty. The magic carpet is turned over and over several times, showing the carpet is also empty. The carpet is folded in half and held upright. Suddenly, the sound of a songbird is heard coming from inside the folded carpet. Magician reaches inside the folded carpet with one hand as the other hand whips the carpet away, REVEALING A BEAUTIFUL CAGE CONTAINING A SINGING AND DANCING SONGBIRD. This is beautiful magic that can be worked into any act. Self-contained, no body loads. (Cage is 7 inches tall.) EASY TO DO

CONDITION:  BN in box  (has original instructions.  NOTE:  THE MAT IS MISSING, but you can use a bamboo place mat or another type mat)