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Six Items You'll Want

Six Items You'll Want

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Topsy Turvy Match, Early EZ Magic/SCARCE.  In sealed envelope, 'Yogi Magic Mart' rubber stamped on the back.  Envelope much age darkening.  Props inside....BN

Question The Witness, LePaul, Corinda, Kaufman & Tannen.  Early Tannen effect with original instructions & cards.....LN in plastic sleeve

Deck of Cards, Alf Cooke Limited/Leeds/London.  Blue backs and includes several Four of Hearts to make this a "one-way" forcing deck......BN

How, An Amazing Easy-to-do Pocket Trick, still sealed in the envelope.....BN

Fantasio Color Changing Bic Lighter w/instr.....BN in the package

Red Back Alf Cooke Limited/Leeds & London regular deck of cards.  Still has the Alf Cook seal on the plastic wrapped deck.....BN

All these are older items.....