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Skittle, Ball & Cover Trick  -  Conradi/Germany ca1930

Skittle, Ball & Cover Trick - Conradi/Germany ca1930

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A solid wooden Cone & real Golf Ball are shown.  the heavy board cover or paper cone is placed over the golf ball.  The solid cone is wrapped in a paper cone (not supplied).

Now a change takes places as the golf ball vanishes from the cover, and in it's place is the wooden cone, while the golf ball is found in a hat or box, etc.  The paper cone is opened to show the wooden cone is indeed transferred to the cover.

The wooden cones, one is solid and the other is a shell that fits over it, are made of a polished maple wood.  The set looks to be unused and beautiful condition.  Comes in a very nice pull-string cloth bag.

NOTE:  LACKS INSTRUCTIONS.   The shell cone is already in the cardboard cover when you put the ball under it, it goes inside the hollow shell!    The solid cone that is wrapped in paper, is left in the hat when you pull out the paper (cone), to open and show the cone is truly gone to the cover, and the duplicate ball is already in the hat for the transposition.