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Some Early Stuff

Some Early Stuff

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Mandroop's Paste Board Insurance Policy  -  Tommy Windsor Studio/Marietta, Ohio
Very realistic looking insurance policy like they used to look in the 50's.  comes in original window envelope.   The policy opens up to 17 x 21 3/4"  displaying a giant 8 of Clubs....The selected card.    Instructions are printed inside.   Policy VF  - Envelope is aged with wear, looks the part

EZ Practical Magic Tricks  -  Lucky Magician.   A prediction effect using specially printed pens.   Has original instr.   All LN

Gravity - Jo King   Special gimmick to allow you to suspend 2 glasses on a hanky covered heavy board.   Use your glasses.  Instructions on package.   Hanky is supplied w/original package.  Package is age colored w/some wear

Vanishing Purse  -  EZ Magic  Interesting early envelope piece.  w/instr.  Envelope has some wear, a sticker & small hole.  Props LN 

Stabbing A Deck  -  EZ Magic  Plastic stabber, card w/gimmick & instr. in envelope that has tape on it and some light wear