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Still Ringing  -  Aldo Colombini

Still Ringing - Aldo Colombini

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Still Ringing by Aldo Colombini (STILLRING) We welcome Aldo Colombini`s follow-up to Ringing Around Too- Still Ringing."I`m very excited about this routine for a number of reasons. As you will see, each phase blends into the next smoothly with an economy of moves that should appeal to every performer. Because of this, it can be done silently (set to music) or you can write a script with appropriate patter. It lends itself easily to both comic and serious presentations. It is a very versatile routine, because it can be done close-up, in walk-around situations or even used in parlor or stage performances. Finally, it is not difficult to do. Once understood, the moves are very easy." -Aldo ColombiniThis eight phase ring and rope routine comes complete with 5" ring, rope, and a complete, well written, 12 page 8 1/2" x 11" illustrated manual. It is amazing what can be done with so little. Aldo Colombini`s Still Ringing is an awesome new ring and rope routine perfect for stage, walk-around and close-up!

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