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Sucker Sliding Plaque

Sucker Sliding Plaque

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Plastic apparatus covered with plastic sparkle material by the manufacturer, not homemade.  The plaque is made of woode, painted white and have a sparkle circle on it.  The doors have a silver and gold sparkle circle.

1 x 6 x 12" in size.  The plaque is 3 1/4 x 4 1/2"

The plaque is placed into the left door facing the audience and closed.  The right door is also closed now.  The plaque is seen to travel past the open front as you tilt it and open the left door...TA DA, the plaque is gone.  The usual Die Box sliding back and forth until you open both doors and it is really gone, produced elsewhere.

NOTE:  LACKS INSTRUCTIONS  (comes with the attractive Sucker Sliding Box and two matching plaques....That's it!