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Switch-A-Roo & Video Tape

Switch-A-Roo & Video Tape

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If you perform card magic the Mark Mason Switch-A-Roo is a must !!

End all your packet tricks completely clean with this universal gimmick.  Switch regular cards for gimmicked cards in 1 movement.

Switch-A-Roo will even allow you to switch 6 cards for 1.  Ex-Change signed cards in & out of the deck smoothly, without sleight of hand.  All your gimmick packet effects can become examinable! Worn in the shirt pocket comfortably. 100's of uses!

Purchased separately for $49.95, the Rare Switch-A-Roo Video Tape with 6 knockout effects and Bonus Tips c1997 and the "Remote System".    Still shrink wrapped, never opened!

Switch-A-Roo, Sold-Out, Scarce!   Video Scarce off the market also!  $75.00 Value!

CONDITION:  Apparatus & Video Tape BN....Switch-A-Roo box is beat up some!