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The Color Symphony – Tricks Co. / Toshio Akanuma

The Color Symphony – Tricks Co. / Toshio Akanuma

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Not your typical color changing records, interesting concept from Tricks Co., Japan.

From a red record the pigment is magically removed and turns into a red silk (not included). The record is now left in a transparent state. The red silk is now made to change into a blue silk (not supplied) and the blue silk with a magical gesture is thrown at the clear record and the record visibly changes to blue with the blue silk of course vanishing.
Record size is 7 7/8″. This is a well made and beautiful effect as it looks very magical indeed.

In addition to the silks (not supplied)  you will need a method for doing a color change silk such as a dye tube.

Includes 2 pages of illustrated instructions.