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The Genii Vase  -  Dick Williams  (signed instruction folder)

The Genii Vase - Dick Williams (signed instruction folder)

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ca 1995,  12" Brass Genii Vase with a fake Rose and piece of thick woven rope.  The rope is given out for inspection   The Rose is removed and also shown, then put back in the vase or not?   One end of the rope is put down inside the vase as shown in photo, The vase tipped upside down and rope moved back and forth, along with the Rose.  Now when the vase is tipped up right, the rope is held in your hand and the vase is suspended by the rope.  Very impressive!


CONDITION:  LN  comes with original instructions folder of 4 pages with complete routine, patter and funny bits.  Dick Williams signed the back of this instruction folder in red ink