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The Psychic Calculator  -  Jerry Somerdin

The Psychic Calculator - Jerry Somerdin

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A pocket calculator is shown to the spectators and a brief description is given on how to enter numbers, to add numbers, and to clear the calculator display. The performer demonstrates this by adding some numbers and pressing the = button, the proper total shows up on the display. Thus the spectators are taught how to add on a calculator. The performer then writes a secret prediction, folds it, and gives it to someone to hold. The display is cleared by pressing AC. Four spectators then add numbers to the calculators as follows: The calculator is given to (spectator #1 who enters any three digit number and presses the + button. Spectator #2 hands it to spectator #3 who enters another three digit number. Spectator #3 then hands it to spectator #4 who presses the = button the prediction is red and it matches the total that is on the display. The effect can be repeated over and over with a different prediction each time.
Two more effects are described in the 3 pages of instructions and routines.
Calculator turns on and the battery is good...Ready to perform!

CODE:  LN  in with all original instructions/routines)