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Three Frog Monte  -  Bo McAllister

Three Frog Monte - Bo McAllister

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From 1993

Three frogs are placed on the table “One croaks, the other’s don’t. All you have to do is follow the one that croaks” says the performer, as he picks up the first frog: “Must have a people caught In his throat!” He tries to get the frog to croak, to no avail.

Picking up the second frog the performer says, “Is alright?” The frog moves his mouth as the performer says, “Is alright”, in his best frog voice.

Picking up the third frog, a squeeze is given and out belches a croaking, in a most audible way.

The performer continues demonstrating tho agility of the croaking frog Setting It down he tries the others, but with no luck.. O.K. here we go!”, he says, playing a game of leap frogs with these green creatures. Try as the spectator might, they never seem to guess the right frog