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Three Kid Monte  -  Cody S. Fisher

Three Kid Monte - Cody S. Fisher

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A kids routine using 3 Magic Coloring Books.  (none are supplied).  The CD play and does all the speaking for you as a "Game Show Host".   The special coloring book with the colored pictures is move around between the 3 kids and you always find the special one with the colored pictures.  There is a lot more to it, as it's filled with lots of laughs and fun, a real time killer.

Note: You will need to supply 3 Coloring Books,
Three Funny Hats, & Three Hats! The original version
which is no longer available) sold for $150.00.
This is your chance to save BIG

CODE:  BN   (comes with CD and complete booklet of instructions to go thru the routine as the MC does the game show)