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Time Out  -  Phil Goldstein & Hank Lee

Time Out - Phil Goldstein & Hank Lee

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This effect involved around 3 blank white cards (one was double-sided blank for some reason) and a card with a picture of a clock on it. To the best of my recollection as to the presentation, the magician keeps dealing the clock card down onto the table, hits the card, and shows that it passed through the table. On the table is now a blank card and on the deck under the table is the clock card. It may have also been done behind the back. Minimal sleight of hand was involved. I believe it was a double lift combined with some other sleight to hide the final finale card since the effect is repeated over and over with the remaining blank cards. I loved this cute trick because the ending is really funny. The last time the clock card is dealt onto the table, the spectator hits the clock card and it doesn't go through the table. They hit it again to no avail. Finally, the last time they hit the picture of the clock card, it is turned over to reveal a picture of a smashed clock.


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