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Trick Turvy Bottles - MAK

Trick Turvy Bottles - MAK

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The bottles are REAL GLASS, not the newer plastic bottles!   You and a spectator each put an upright bottle in a heavy board tube. From that point on, no matter how the tube/bottles are flipped top to bottom, the two bottles do not match up when the covers are listed. If your bottle is upright, the spectator's is upside down ... and vice-versa. The standard presentation is that your bottle is always "correct" and the spectator's bottle is always "wrong". This is done with three turnovers and your use of the special gimmick.

Two painted real glass bottles with Black Cherry Labels and two heavy board tubes. 

A spectator uses one set and you use the other.
Each of you places a tube over a bottle.
The bottles both start out right side up.
They are turned upside down and right side up again, back and forth, with the spectator following your every move exactly.
HOWEVER, when the covers are raised, your bottle is always UPRIGHT.
The spectator's is always UPSIDE DOWN!!
Repeat the process as often as you want!
As the grand finale, your bottle turns upside down while still inside the tube!
Great comedy potential, and your audience will roar with laughter as they watch your confused spectator try so hard to follow you.

Supplied complete with real glass bottles, heavy board covers and instructions.
Bottles are 12-ounce soda size (like regular glass soda bottles).