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Upgrade Kit Smokey Magic v2 -  Trevor Duffy

Upgrade Kit Smokey Magic v2 - Trevor Duffy

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If you have the original Smokey Magic, you'll need this upgrade kit for sure.   Surefire Smoke at your fingertips.

This is an upgrade kit for the original Smokey Magic. It is a fully self-contained real workers smoke device which has been designed and constructed with durability, reliability and safety in mind. It employs an electronic cigarette to produce smoke, is environmentally friendly and can therefore be used in most public places without infringing any laws. It can even be carried on an aircraft.

The kit contains One green smoke electronic cigarette, which will serve your Smokey Magic needs for the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes' worth of smoke. Thereafter simply purchase an electronic cigarette from a supplier near you.

The device has no wires, no pump, no switches, no batteries - virtually nothing to go wrong!


CONDITION:  BN  unused complete