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Vanishing Bowl of Water  -  Vintage

Vanishing Bowl of Water - Vintage

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Quality heavy steel tray with gimmick catch for the bowl.  This is very similar to the P&L tray but this one is silver painted, it looks great!

The large 4 x 7" dia. very heavy metal bowl is chromed outside and painted red inside, with the gimmick to allow the water to stay inside the bowl when the tray is picked up & dropped down, held only by one handle.

This piece also comes with the vanishing cover cloth that has a moving, self-centering metal hoop used to pretend to remove the bowl from the tray and then when flicked open, the hoop drops down the cloth, allowing you to grasp the cloth by the center, proving there is nothing in the cloth.

Quite nice early apparatus

CONDITION:  VF  (a very nice set)  Will send P&L instructions