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Vanishing Champagne Bottle -  Magic Hands

Vanishing Champagne Bottle - Magic Hands

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There was more to this set, but this is all you get.   The Realistic Champagne bottle that breaks apart and two heavy board, covered in sparkle plastic material.

The tubes are nested and the bottle is shown.  It is missing the top cap, but you can find one anywhere they sell alcohol products.  (it has a Bingo device that uses caps, for when you pop the cork)  

You pour out a glass of Champagne, then put the bottle into the nest of tubes.  The outside tube is lifted and the bottle is gone.  The bottom tube is shown empty and the top tube drops the top of the bottle into your well or behind your table into a Servante.

That's the best I can do for what you can do with this, unless you have this set and need another spare or come up with your own routine.

NOTE:    Lacks Instructions