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Vintage Dove/Chick Group

Vintage Dove/Chick Group

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The largest Dove Pan with the lid 10" in diameter, is a Proto Type made by P&A Silks.  Peter made some Proto pieces of apparatus, some in Copper, Brass and this heavy metal pan, polished with heavy chromed knob.  This is just the Proto type (only one ever made) and
is lacking the springs on the inside that picks up the inner pan and drops the load, so it's not functional.  It is a keepsake collectible nobody else has.  It is stamp in the metal Hallmarked  "P&A  Proto"
This has scratches on the bottom from shelf wear!  Fine Condition!

The Pan in the back is a Rings 'n Things Dove Pan.  This has original instructions on the inside.  The inside bottom pan someone has covered the bottom & glued in Asbestos and it's burned in the middle and the pan needs a little cleaning.  Some light bottom scratches from shelf wear and note:  This is not Hallmarked, but has Orig. Instr. VG

The last small Chick Pan is a real gem!  The outside of the lid diameter is approx. 3 1/2"  This doesn't look like it would hold a chick unless he's compressed.  The load pad is very small, 3" diameter.  Great for a candy production.  Aluminum with a heavy polished Brass knob.  Has air holes in top for a chick, or some very small animal.  Overall it's Very Fine Condition, just a few light scratches on bottom.  Maker is unknown?