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Zanadu The Card Wizard  -  Fairchild

Zanadu The Card Wizard - Fairchild

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Very colorful 24" high, quality wood and excellent silk screen paint.  This has the "Fairchild" sticker on the bottom.

3 or more cards are selected and returned to the deck, which is placed into the Houlette at the Wizard's feet.  One by one the cards are removed and passed before Zanadu's eyes and dropped into the top Houlette.  The spectator may call out stop at anytime.  The card turned out to be one of the chosen cards.  Repeated until all chosen cards have been revealed.  Works great with alphabet cards, spelling out the name of the birthday child.   (No decks of cards are supplied, it uses regular decks or an alphabet deck)

This comes with original instructions, a wonderful piece of magic apparatus

No Longer Made


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